Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How-To for my Dinner Menu Board

It's now up and in good use! It's already been so helpful in my house. In the Craft Inspirations and DIY tab, you will find how I made so you can get an idea. Make it cute, pretty and make it YOURS!!! If you are naturally super organized, you might not need this but I sure did, haha! Don't you hate when you plan your meals for the week while shopping and when it comes down to making your meal you forgot to buy something....ugh! I really needed a menu board since I'm a little forgetful at times, hehehe.  
I admit...I need to add more embellishments to it, but I'm waiting until I come across something I really like rather than just throw some on there. Since this project has lots of steps, I decided to make the more detailed instructions available on Google Docs.
Remember when you are making yours, do it to fit your personality and customize it however you want. I fell in love with these colors and I didn't realize that it ended up matching my dining room...ha! 

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