Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick Trip to See Georgia Peaches

Our bags were packed as soon as we had the opportunity to visit some of Wayne’s family that live just outside of Atlanta.  Although it was a LONG way to drive, it sure was fun and I’m ready to go again! It took us about 20 hours just to get there from the time we left our house…and that’s just one way :-P
Unfortunately, we did not have enough time in Georgia but we did zoom over to the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium, and I was in AWW. I felt like a kid in there and had to be pulled out of there by Wayne.
I touched a manta ray, sharks, and a star fish!
Look how big the whale shark looks
compared to everyone.
Right above my head
At the world's biggest aquarium.
We also strolled around the
famous Centennial Olympic Park
The next day, we stuffed our brains out with the best food EVER at their family get together with the best Georgians, I'm glad I got to meet Wayne's maternal grandmother's side. The state is beautiful just like these people.

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