Sunday, April 29, 2012

Midget Wrestling

My first thought was “this should be interesting!” What a shock to hear that Midget Wrestling exists and that we were going to actually go for my brother-in-law’s birthday. You know that feeling when you have been smiling so much that your cheeks hurt…well, that was how I was ALL night long. This was my first wrestling experience ever, I never watched it on TV or cared too much about it, I use to call it soap operas for men. But when you add 6 little people in the ring at one time (although one seemed like a short regular man), entertainment value goes way, way up. They were so awesome interacting with the audience, glad they didn’t pick on me though, haha!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our 5 Year Anniversary

I can't believe it's been 5 years since I married my best friend. We both know how truly blessed we are to have this strong, soul-touching love. I hope we have another 100 years like these past 5.  Our real celebration was our trip to San Antonio last week but we also went out to dinner on our anniversary to Simply Fondue in downtown Fort was Ah-mazing!!!  The general manager gave us the best seat in the house and the ambiance was so romantic, perfect restaurant for lovers to dine. But the best part was the chocolate fondue at the end of course. I'm such a chocoholic :-) I found a couple of pictures of our wedding day on my laptop so here's a glimpse from the past. I wonder what the next five years hold for us!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Go Mavs Go!

About two weeks ago, I won some tickets  to my all time favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks for Tuesday's game. Those who know me, know my love for Dirk. I really am not a sports fan, but don't mess with my Mavs. Wayne and I were so excited just to go that we didn't care that the seats were up in the nose-bleed, ha! They won of course.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Trip to San Antonio

Well, Wayne and I wanted to spend our 5 year anniversary out of town and we wanted to make sure we got to chill and have fun since we do act like kids sometimes, hehe! San Antonio has a special place for the both of us and there's always adventure. Every Texan needs to go down there and if you're not a Texan, it's a great way to be a temporary Texan...YEE HAW!!!

I really do love road trips, especially since I love to sing my heart out to my favorite songs on my iPhone. Poor Wayne, he says he loves to hear me sing, even though I get most of the words wrong, but I don't much fun!!! We left Friday morning and our first adventure was a sign of a great and unforgettable start, haha.
Only in Texas...pig runs lose on the highway.
Yup, we saw a huge pig running around! It took two men about 15 minutes to get him back on the trailer but it was worth it. Traffic towards Austin was horrible like always but we made the best of it. We saw the state capitol, but Wayne had a little surprise for me that I had absolutely no idea. My romantic hubby surprised me with an awesome picnic!!! I had no idea he packed a cooler for us and he led us to this amazing park called Mount Bonnell. We were up high with a beautiful view of the river, native plants like bluebonnets and huge mansions. What a sweetie! Now wonder the last 5 years have been a blast for me. I'm so in LOVE!!!

Breathtaking views at Mount Bonnell

We then headed towards SA. We finally made it to our hotel, which was right on the Riverwalk and straight across from the Alamo...couldn't have been more perfect of a location. Nothing beats the walks down at the Riverwalk in the evenings stopping for a couple of margaritas, yum yum!

The highlights of our trip in San Antonio were the Segways, fo sho! We took a Segway Tour and zoomed around town. We did a Segway tour in Paris and absolutely loved it. Can it get any better than this? I think not!  I so want one, ok, I guess 2 for the both of us, hehe.
Definitely gonna remember the Alamo, ha!
Wayne got a Captain America Seg, lol.
Sportin' my cool helmet...Safety First!

We didn't want to stop there so we rented some bikes from these kiosks that they have all over the city. We brushed up our riding skills and went all around SA. The weather couldn't have been any better, I get hot easily :-P
Riding around Hemisphere Park

Then we had to say adios to San Antonio. Hopefully it wont be long that we come back. 

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