Craft Inspirations and DIY

Below you will see how to make:

  • Personalized Hand Sanitizers
  • Storing your Boots
  • Wrapped Letters
  • Shredded T-Shirt
  • Christmas Photo Tags
  • Photos on Metal
  • Photos on Wood
  • Removable Snap On & Off Lace Shorts
  • Dinner Menu Board
  • Stamped Coasters from Bathroom Tiles 
  • Photo Magnets from Glass Gems or Marbles
  • Sticky Notes Clipboard from Coasters
  • Jewelry Holder out of Frame
  • Quick Poodle Skirt

Personalized Hand Sanitizers

What you’ll need:
  • Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers
  • Label Template
  • Color Printer
  • Glue
  • Ribbons
My mother-in-law and I were helping with a bridal shower and so we wanted to give out favors that would be cute but something people would ACTUALLY use. And who doesn't LOVE Bath and Body Works. 

1.     The first part is to make your template. I found the template at this website…it does cost a few bucks but I'm planning on using these suckers for many events like Teacher Appreciation, Baby Showers, Christmas…just about any chance I get!
Then I went online and searched free digital scrapbook paper to create my labels on photoshop. Here are a few sites l liked.


If you are new to digital scrapbooking…here's a free video tutorial for beginners.

2.    Next, you'll peel off the existing label.

3.    Put some good 'ol Elmer's Glue on the bottle.

4.     Using your finger, rub the glue over the surface to make sure there is an even amount of glue.

5.     Carefully place your new personalized label onto the bottle. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.

6.     If you have any glue around the edges, use your fingernail to remove any residue or an X-acto blade. Then add cute ribbons to make them look extra fancy :-)

Storing your Boots
What you’ll need:
  • Pool Noodle (I got mine at the Dollar Tree!)
  • Sharp knife
Alright, so now you have the perfect knee high boots and you want them to stay looking great. Here's how to inexpensively keep them from slouching. Be sure to raid your Dollar Tree for these noodles…I've seen them for unto 6 bucks each at other places.
First place the noodle inside your boot to see how long you'll want it.
Then slice the noodle with a sharp knife. You'll want to make 2 of course.

Voila…so much nicer and better for your boots!

Wrapped Letters with Scrapbook Paper

What you’ll need:
  • Scrapbook paper. You can use 3-6 different kinds that look cute together
  • Chipboard Letter
  • Mod Podge and sponge applicator
  • Wax paper
  • Pencil
  • X-acto knife
  • Ruler  
  • Bows/ribbons and other embellishments
  • Photos are optional

Randomly glue scrapbook paper with the Mod Podge onto the letter. I  like that some would literally wrap around the chipboard. In order not to have paper hang off, I would mark points with a pencil and use an x-acto knife to cut off any excess paper with a ruler.  
Keep slapping some scrapbook paper all can also mark off where you want the pieces of paper with a pencil...don't worry, you wont see the pencil marks on the chipboard.
Once you're done, seal it with a thin even layer of Mod Podge over wax paper.
When it's all dry (I waited overnight) you can add ribbons, photos or any cute embellishments!

Shredded  T-Shirt

Really, the instruction are pretty simple on this one. But if you are picky like me you like to do it nice and neat.
First, I cut the neck line and the sleeves as close to the seam as possible. Make your cuts nice and clean so there are no frays.
Then, very importantly, I turned it inside out so that I can make my pencil marks. I folded the shirt in half. I wanted a tapered look but you could do all the same size or I might reverse my taper on the next one. I made a guide line using a pencil, you could also use chalk if you are cutting a dark shirt. I then used a ruler to make the horizontal lines. To make them super straight, just flip the ruler after each line.  

It's a good idea to try on the shirt before cutting to see where you want you top and bottom cuts to begin/end. Your eyes can fool you so this is a great tip!
Notice that the markings stopped a little higher,
I didn't realize how long I made the tapered line.
Important to try it on BEFORE CUTTING!

Be careful how it's just want to cut the back part of your shirt. I used fabric scissors that were sharp so that I get clean cuts.  Now CUT AWAY!!! 

When you're done, tug a bit on the shirt from the sides...VIOLA, YOU'RE DONE!!!
So throw it on the next time you go to the gym, go for a jog or work on your house, ha!

Christmas Photo Tags

What you’ll need:
  • Scrapbook paper for the frame. I love the shiny, metallic ones.
  • Scrapbook cardstock paper for the card part. I use plain or metallic white.
  • Photos
  • Scrapbooking glue
  • X-acto knife
  • Pencil
  • Ruler  
  • Bows/ribbons
TIPS: Make multiples at one time.
I like to buy the scrapbook paper to match my wrapping paper.

Preparing the Photos

You might be wondering how I have these pictures so small. When I initially started making these a few years ago, I would PhotoShop each one individually and had to print them out several times to assure appropriate sizes. Then I remembered that CVS Pharmacy has this awesome mini-collage option that I use all the time for my class.  Basically you can print 4 perfect sized pictures onto one 4X6 photo for about 29¢ each print (less than 8¢ each individual picture).  Unfortunately, I’ve found that I can only order them at the store’s kiosk and not online but no biggie. When you go to the Kodak kiosk, select the Collages option and then select the Mini-Collages. Check out my Photo Magnets for my info below.

1. First, cut your scrapbook paper to rectangles, I cut them to be
about 3.5"x3"
2. On the back, I marked from each side two dots so that I can connect
them to make even straight lines.
3. After making the lines, use an X-acto knife to carefully make
clean cuts.
They should like like this when you finished cutting the frame.

4. Next, you'll cut the white cardstock paper. Since you will fold it,
make sure it is twice as long. I made mine 3.5"x6".
5. Fold in half and create a nice crease with your finger nail.

6. Place scrapbook glue on 3 sides. The other side will be open
so that you can slide in your picture. Scrapbook glue prevents
paper from wrinkling. 
7. Place the card onto the frame and hold for about a minute.

8. With your ribbon, make a bow and glue it. The scrapbook
glue will work fine.
9. Optionally, you can stamp a message inside. I bought this
on clearance a while back at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby...I can't
remember :-)
10. Hole punch a hole and thread in a ribbon.
11. Ta're done!!!! Just add a memorable photo of the
person you're giving the gift to. They will love it and be surprised.
It tickles my heart when I see that the people I give them to keeps
the picture and I'll see them on their refrigerator, on their dresser or desk.
It definitely adds a special touch.

Photos on Metal

How cool would it be to have photos on metal!!! I honestly thought it wasn’t going to work since it’s not really porous but I thought, “What the heck…I’ll give it a try.” I was just trying to find another reason to use it to justify buying the Gel Medium so I wanted to see if this would work...and it did!
The metal shingle was only 33 cents. Yup, I’ll repeat it…only 33₵!!! Now you can do this on anything metal, like a paint can or a metal plate. Here’s my break down on how I made the very first Photo on Metal. Enjoy!

What you’ll need:

  • Gel Medium (bought from craft store in the acrylic paint section)
  • Foam brush
  • Photos printed from laser printer like Xerox machine (inkjet won’t work) I printed my colored ones at Kinkos. Use regular paper, not photo paper!
  • Metal Shingle from Home Depot (sold in the roofing aisle) Did I mention it’s only 33 cents! Hehehe Here's a link from Home Depot website.

1.  First you’ll want to mirror your photos on your computer since it’ll transfer in reverse (especially if it’ll have words on them.) Be sure NOT to use photo paper…just use regular cheap copier paper when printing. I just saved my pictures on a flash drive, took them to a copy center like Kinkos/Staples/Office Depot and they printed them out for me rather inexpensively. I printed two photos to a page to save a couple of cents.

2.  Make sure your metal shingle is clean with no oily residue. Cut your photo to fit on one of the sides of the metal shingle.

3.  Spread a layer of Gel Medium onto the shingle nice and evenly. Make sure it’s not too thin of a layer but not too thick either.

4.  Carefully place the photo paper starting at one end and smoothing it out little by little with your finger to avoid bubbles.  Go over the paper with your finger numerous times to make sure it’s on there well but don’t use something to blunt…your finger will just fine.

5.   Now the waiting game! Wait 24 hours so that it’ll dry completely.

6.   Once it’s dry, dampen the paper, I reused my clean foam brush. You don’t have to drench it but it you’ll notice where it’s getting wet.

7.  Start rubbing! In a circular motion, gently rub off the paper using your fingertips. Once you think you’re done, let it dry for a few minutes and check. Repeat the rubbing anywhere where there is any white residue. This might take 3-4 times.

8.   You can add some stressed markings by scratching the edges with your finger nail. Start slowly with small scratches along the edges and corners.

9.   Now, step back and admire your cool project. You can add Modge Podge to seal it or to make it glossy if you want.

****These shingles are perfect…they prop up all by themselves. I was even thinking one can use them as place cards. This is a picture of my sister’s cute feline that I got from her facebook and I thought it would be a great gift for her as part of her birthday. They do sell rolls of metal sheets at Home Depot that I think I’m going to get now that I know it works so I can make my Christmas cards…thought it would be cute to send those out! I wish there was a way to share how everyone’s turns out on my blog. Have fun!

Photos on Wood

 I  like easy projects...and this is definitely one of them! I can't believe this Gel Medium is like MAGIC. I have no idea how it works but it sure leaves my wood looking pretty cool. Make some for you and for presents, they come out looking unique and special.

I really do go into a lot of detail with my directions so don't get's really simple! I just like to give out extra tips I guess. I actually used this tutorial and it helped me out. I wasn't sure if colored copies would work so I decided to try and it worked marvelously. 

What you’ll need:
  • Untreated wood board/block (these are  from Walmart for $1 in craft dept.
  • Gel Medium (bought at craft store in the acrylic paints section)
  • Photos printed from laser printer (don't use inkjet printer and use regular paper, not photo paper!)
  • Brush
  • Rag or sponge
  • Modge Podge or finishing varnish

Ok...please note that when I made these, I made 5 different ones so that's why the pictures below might not be the same wood board...tee hee. I got so excited and they were so easy that I kept making some. 

1.  First pick out some cute pictures. You’ll want to mirror these images on your computer before you print them.
2.  Print on laser printer ONLY! I went to Staples and they printed a set in black and white and a set in color. B&W were about 18₵ and color pages were about 59₵. I just gave them my flash drive at their copy center and asked them to print them two photos to a page. This was the PERFECT size for the wood blocks I bought at Walmart.
3. Cut your photo to fit a little bit smaller than the surface of the wood.
4. Evenly brush the gel medium onto the wood. It doesn’t need a thick layer but make sure it’s applied evenly.
5. Carefully place photo face down on to the wood.
6. Smooth out paper with your hand. You can use a bone tool or credit card but I found that it caused my paper to wrinkle…maybe I was too rough, hehe.
7. Now the waiting game…wait at least 8 hours. I had it dry overnight.
8. Soak your rag or sponge with water and start rubbing off the paper. Use your finger tips to rub the paper off too. This will take some time. Don’t be too rough if you are using a sponge.

9. Let it dry and come back and rub off any paper residue/lint that is left on it. This might take a couple of times.
See the paper residue...not done yet!
10. Scrap off hard edges if you want the rustic look.
10. When it’s clean, let it dry completely and apply a clear coat on it. I used Modge Podge.
11. Now enjoy!

Add a cute ribbon for hanging

Removable Snap On & Off Lace Shorts
You know you've been wanting some lace shorts. Here's my how-to so that you can have convertible shorts :-) Just snap them in when you want to have the lace and snap them off when you don't! Awesome, right? Now you can wear your shorts with or without lace. Very cute and you don't have to give-up your favorite pair of shorts. Two different looks!

What You'll Need:
-cute lace (1.5yds should be plenty)
-Sew On Snap Fasteners (I bought these at Walmart for $2.35)
-needle and thread to match threading on shorts
-safety pins

1. First pin the lace around the inner side of your shorts so that you'll get a good idea how it'll look and how long your lace should be.  This lace I used was wide so I decided to just have half of the lace showing.

2. Start from the inner seam of the shorts. I made sure to overlap the lace about an inch. Sew on the female snap onto the lace by hand with the needle and thread.
3. Match up where it'll lay on the shorts and sew on the male snap. It'll be a good idea to use the same color thread used on the short's seam so that it will not be noticeable but I didn't have the golden yellow denim thread on hand so I just made sure to sew the snaps on the seam so no one can see my stitching. You won't be able to tell at all if you make the stitching itty bitty. 

Sew on the seam as shown above. 
4.  Do this every 3-4 inches all the way around for each leg.
5. Now you have shorts that can be worn with or without lace...SCORE!

Dinner Menu Board
First off, let me just say that there’s no incorrect way of making one, but I know I always like ideas and guidance. I’ll try to make this brief and simple.For more detailed instructions, visit my google docs that I made. I didn't have enought room on my blog to post it all :-P

Supplies that I used:
-Foam board.  This is very light but has good support. I got mine at the wonderful Dollar Tree J
-Coordinating scrapbook paper (3-5 sheets) 
-Clothespins. I used the mini-clothespins bought from JoAnn Fabrics so that it didn’t look so bulky.
-Glue stick or any wrinkle-free glue
-Hot glue gun
-Exacto knife
-Computer and printer
-List of your meals
-Extra Fine Sharpie 
-Magnets or Ribbons for hanging
-Ribbons, raffia, and embellishments

 1.First cut your board to the size you want. Use an Exacto knife, not scissors on Foam Board.
2. Decide how you want your layout and the paper that you want for your back ground. I used 3 sheets as you can tell. Cut the sheets so that at least 1 inch will hang over. 

3. Use wrinkle-free glue on the part that will be shown in the front. Align to the foam board. Now I did use Tacky Glue on the sides that would be hidden.
 4. Glue ribbon if desired to use where sheets meet on the front.
5. Now you want to make your pockets. These are like the old school Library pockets.Template: tabs to create library pockets. Add any ribbons, raffia or embellishments onto the pockets. 
 6. Meal Cards: Print out a draft of your meal cards. I also put the ingredients needed underneath that way I can take the card to the store and not forget anything (crossing my fingers.)
7. If you want some new fonts, there’s a website that gives free fonts that I absolutely love. They also give directions on how to install the fonts onto your computer. Just an idea though. 
8. Choose which paper you want to print the meal cards on, make sure it’s light colored and not too busy. Cut the paper to be 8.5”x11” so that it’ll fit into your printer. Print with correct side up and cut.
9. Now make your title. This is where I used the cool new fonts. I don’t have a Cricut but I wanted to have it scalloped shaped. Print a draft, cut paper to 8.5"x11" and print. 
10. Distress edges if desired and then glue title onto board with Tacky Glue.
11. Glue pockets with Tacky Glue
12. Stain clothespins if desired. Write days on the pins and hot glue the clothespins onto board.
13. Add buttons, ribbons, etc.
14. Hot glue magnets onto back if you're it's going on fridge or carefully punch wholes and tie a cute ribbon.


Stamped Coasters from Bathroom Tiles

I think my favorite phrase when it comes down to crafts is “CHEAP AND EASY.” So a few Christmases ago, I received a cute coaster from a friend. I thought it was SOO cute! When she told me she used bathroom tiles, I was like, nuh uh! These tiles cost me $3.97 for a pack of 9, which could give me enough for two gift sets. Here’s my HOW TO on these cheap and easy personalized coasters.

What you’ll need:
  • Tumbled Stone 4in. Tiles (I bought some both at Home Depot and Lowe’s)
  • Staz-On permanent ink (I used it in Timber Brown.) This ink will not come off when the drink condensates.
  • Stamps
  • Minwax Finishing Wax  (it's a sealer, also can be found at Home Depot)
  • Felt Adhesive Pads (I’ve seen some at the Dollar Tree but can also be found at Home Depot, Lowe’s and Craft Stores)

1. First you’ll want to wipe off each side of the tile to remove any dust/powder. Since these are from natural stones, they will each be different and some will be more porous than others. I didn’t use the porous ones. You’ll want the bottom to be clean so that the felt pads will adhere well.
2. If you are using clear stamps, be sure it’s placed firmly on the acrylic block. I bought clear stamps for the first time ever for these and I’m so glad I did. It lets you see where exactly you are about to stamp and assures no overlapping on my designs. Regular rubber stamps work just as good too. 
3. Evenly dab the stamp onto the Staz-On ink pad.
4. Carefully press onto the clean tile. Make sure you press firmly. I added onto these scrolls and also put initials on these since they’ll be a gift. 
5. Use cheesecloth or a clean rag for the Minwax. A little goes a long way. Do not apply on the bottom but make sure you get the top and sides evenly.
6. Finally, add the felt pads on the bottom at each corner. Make sure you press firmly since it might be porous.
Now you’re done! Make some for yourself and some for gifts like housewarming and wedding gifts. I made so many of these this past Christmas that I had an assembly line :-) You can tie up four coasters with a cute bow and maybe a little note or trinket and you’ll have a great gift to give. Enjoy! 

Photo Magnets from Glass Gems or Marbles

So, I love love LOVE to take pictures. I started making these to display some of my favs on our fridge. When I love something, I like nothing more but to share it---so now I make these as gifts too. Here’s how I made these cheap and easy photo magnets.

What you’ll need:
  • Glass Jumbo Clear Gems (I found some at Jo-Ann’s and Michaels but the Dollar Tree had some small ones that aren’t too bad…a few of the marbles were cracked out of the whole bag but not bad for a buck)
  • Aleene’s® Glass and Bead™ Adhesive or Clear Gel Tacky Glue
  • Photos
  • Magnets (I bought these a long time ago at Walmart but you can find them at craft stores also)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Toothpicks (optional)

Preparing the Photos
You might be wondering how I have these pictures so small. When I initially started making these a few years ago, I would PhotoShop each one individually and had to print them out several times to assure appropriate sizes. Then I remembered that CVS Pharmacy has this awesome mini-collage option that I use all the time for my class.  Basically you can print 9 pictures onto one 4X6 photo. There you go, perfect size for the jumbo sized gems for about 29¢.  Unfortunately, I’ve found that I can only order them at the store’s kiosk and not online but no biggie. When you go to the Kodak kiosk, select the Collages option and then select the Mini-Collages. Make sure the object/person in the photo is in the middle, you will be cutting a circle out of the itty bitty rectangles.
4x6 print with 9 Mini Prints
From the Collages, select Mini-Prints

So now that you have your pictures printed here’s what I did:
First, fish through the gems and pick ones that do not have any cracks or that are starred. I know some have an iridescent look but those are kind of hard to see through so I don’t like using those.
Next, place the gem on top of your picture and trace the gem as close as possible using your pencil. Carefully cut around your markings, I made sure to cut inside my line so it wouldn’t hang off.

Then, you will want to place the glue directly onto the back of the gem, I have used this adhesive that’s especially for glass but I also like the Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue. When I notice that the glue is getting to thick or old, I’ll put them in a cup of hot water before I use it to soften them up so it’ll be easier to spread and it will minimize the bubbling also. Just a suggestion :-)

I spread it with my finger or a toothpick, the key is to make sure to have an even layer so that you have not bubbles…I hate bubbles on these. 

Carefully place the gem onto the photo.  Be sure to PRESS FIRMLY onto the photo…again, so that there will not be any bubbles. I basically was putting all my weight on these little boogers.  Some adhesive will run off, just wipe them off. Try to work off as many bubbles by pressing firmly.
Show your strength, be firm!!!

Now use some Tacky Glue on the back for the magnet, you’ll want to put enough so that it’ll barely spills out from under the magnet.

Now you’re done…just make sure to wait til it’s completely dry before you hang it up or else it’ll slip off the magnet.  Enjoy these cute magnets and make some for your friends and family…they’ll love the personal thought

Sticky Notes Clipboard from Coasters 

 I love, love, LOVE to make cute things out of cheap (sometimes FREE) things around the house. I saw on Pinterest these adorable coasters made from restaurant coasters. What a great idea.  I thought these would be cute gifts to give to co-workers, my favorite nurse at my doctor’s office, and whoever. Here’s my step-by-step method of making them. You can always add more embellishments to them to make them cute…the possibilities are endless.

What you’ll need:
-Restaurant coasters from places like On the Border, Chili’s, etc. (just ask for them, they gave me a hand full)
-Scrapbook paper
-Elmers glue or Tacky glue
-Binder clips (these came in different colors from Staples)
-Ink to do distressed edges (I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Walnut)
-Foam ink applicator
-Ribbons & embellishments

First, choose your choice of scrapbook paper. I used two coordinating pieces so that I can do one on each side. You’ll want to then trace the coaster onto the back side of the scrapbook paper and then cut carefully. I had to cut just inside my line I drew so that it wouldn’t hang off the edges.

Next you want to place glue on the coaster evenly. Make sure you get right up to the edges to prevent lifting. I kind of spiraled around the coaster and used my finger to spread the glue as you can see in the pictures.

Carefully place the paper onto the coaster. Make sure you then press out all the bubbles, I used a credit card.  Do this on both sides of the coaster.  Be careful not to but too much glue because it’ll make the coaster warp a bit. If you notice this, just place a heavy book on top of it until it dries completely.

Optionally, you can ink the edges. This paper I picked looks good with inked edges but you don’t have to. Start with SMALL strokes. It’s easier to add more if you think you need more later. As you can tell in the picture, I only ink on one side of the foam applicator. Just dab once or twice lightly.

Then start off just going side to side on the very edge of the coaster. ALWAYS start from the edge, not from the middle of the paper. Once you get a little comfortable on the inking, SOFTLY drag the foam applicator starting from the edge and with short small strokes. I like my corners dark so I gave it at least 3 passovers on the corners. Do this to both sides and let dry for about 30 minutes. I didn't put any Modge Podge but someone recommended so, but this is optional once it's completely dried.

Next, dress up you binder clip. You can add ribbons, embellishments, or even glue some of the scrapbook paper on to the binder clip so it’ll match.
Here I just tied strips of ribbon
in to knots one on top of the other.
Now all you need is your post it note. But how about a writing utensil to go with it. If you use the clear barrel pens, pull out the tip and roll a piece of scrapbook paper and insert it inside the barrel to match the clipboard.

Now it’s ready to give away…that’s the best part!
I hope you enjoy this tutorial, I’m a beginner with all this so let me know if I’m missing something.
Enjoy :-)

Jewelry Holder out of Frame - Cute and Easy

Ok, so this is my very first blog for one of my projects I've done. I really appreciate people who give me step by step instructions so hopefully this will be useful for some!

First off, you need to start off with the right kind of picture frame. Look for one that has the sliding backing, not the ones that have the hinges that rotate into place. I picked this scrolly frame from Jo-Ann because the scroll work allowed me hang my necklaces and hoops...and it's super cute of course!

You will also need a sheet of craft mesh (found at craft stores like JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby or Michaels,) spray paint (if you want to change the color of the mesh,) ribbon of your choice, scissors, safety wire and wire cutters.

To start, you'll want to remove the glass from the frame, luckily my frame was on clearance since the glass was cracked, YAY! Then you'll want to paint the mesh if needed. They come in many colors so you might find one that comes in a color that works for you and your decor. I just laid down some newspaper and gave it two good coats of black, the brown was too light for me  :-)

Once the craft mesh dried, I trimmed it to fit my frame. Be sure not to over trim...if you cut too much it will come out of the slots.

I also had to place safety wire, like picture frame wire, to tie the mesh to the top to support it. If not the mesh would stick out. I used wire cutters to trim off the extra wire.

Then all you need is a cute ribbon to finish it off and, viola! You now have a functional but cute jewelry holder. I even put some of my headbands on them, hehehe. Enjoy! I hope you find this useful and maybe I'll add some more of my ideas and projects.

Quick and Easy Poodle Skirt

So here’s a way to make a super cute Poodle Skirt when you are short on time. I’m an amateur when it comes to sewing but I can do basic stitches so this tutorial should help beginners also.

What you’ll need:
                -2 yards of felt fabric
                -thread to match fabric
                -poodle appliqué
                -bobby pin
                -fabric glue or Tacky glue

First off, when you get your fabric, it already comes folded in half, you will need to fold it again to be in fourths.

Then, you will want to use the inner corner (where it’s folded) as your inner radius point. I wanted to make my skirt just below my knees and so I measure from the inner corner 27 inches.You can use a ribbon or yarn to make your markings by pinning it to the inner corner and drag your pencil from one end to the other as shown. Cut carefully for a clean edge.

I pinned the ribbon to the center of 
the circle, where the creases meet.
Add about 6in. to desired length.

***Remember*** You will take out some length when you make the whole for the waist. Measure your desired length and add about 6 inches to it for the inner cutting. 

Next you will want to create the markings for the waist. This part is a little tricky, your cut will need to be significantly smaller than what you really think. It’s better to start small and cut more later if needed. I am a size small and I made my inner markings about 6 inches but I wished I would have done it smaller, like 4 inches. I know it sounds itty bitty but you’ll see when you cut it.

Measure your elastic. I used what I had on hand, it’s less than ½” wide. Measure around your waist and make it about 1 to 2” smaller to fit a little snug but comfortably. 

If you want to have a specific side, have fabric to have the reverse side out. Fold over the edge around the waist just enough to feed in the elastic. Sew at carefully leaving a 3 inch opening to later feed in the elastic. The seam will be hidden since this is the reverse side.

Next, poke a bobby pin through one end of your elastic. Feed into the opening and sew the ends together over and over. Sew the 3 inch opening.
I didn’t need to sew the bottom of the skirt but some might want to.

Position and follow instructions for Poodle appliqué. (I had to iron my “patch” for about 40 seconds, the felt is very fibery) Place the ribbon where you want it and hold in place with pins. (I tried it on and checked in the mirror to see if I liked the placement.)

Lastly, glue the ribbon onto fabric in sections starting with the end touching the poodle appliqué.
Viola!!! You are done! Just wait for it to dry and you are good to go.  Enjoy!


  1. What a super cute idea for little note pads. I saw your project on Pinterest and wanted to stop by and check it out. Glad I did - I need to go get some coasters! AJ@queenofmynest

    1. Thanks AJ. I have so much fun doing these. I even thought about putting magnets on the back.

  2. great ideas keep em coming! thanks

  3. Love the way these look! Did you secure the clip to the back of the coaster?

  4. walgreens lets you order 4x6 collages online!

    1. Hi Krystena, Thanks for visiting my blog :-)
      They do offer collages online but I don't like how they come in random sizes and I prefer not to have the borders on them. With the CVS Kiosks, I can have up to 9 photos and all of them the same in the picture above, they are actually called Mini-Prints. But that's a good choice for those who prefer want to do it online.

  5. I was wondering why you put minwax on the coaster tiles?

    1. I'm curious too. :) I've made several sets of these as gifts, and have used spray sealer, but never seen the Minwax used before.

  6. The minwax is a sealer but doesn't leave a "sprayed-on" on look like the spray can if over applied. If you the sealer spray on hand, I'm sure it'll look good if sprayed carefully.

    1. My fave thing is that the stone tiles soak up the condensation...does the Minwax make the water bead up?

    2. Jill, I always have a small amount left on the coaster but that's the point of having the coaster, hehe. It looks like the ring that it would leave if you were not using a coaster. I hope that make sense?

  7. Ok, this is "officially" my new favorite Blog!!! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Socorro, you made my day!

    2. This is my new favorite blog too! I love your step by step instructions, you make it so easy and the ideas are unique so I know people will love the gifts too!!

    3. Thanks R&W! I can't wait to add more little time!

  8. Thanks everyone! I really enjoy making things and I actually am having fun posting them on my blog. It's good to know y'all are liking these ideas. I'll put on some more soon!!! :-)

  9. Where did you get the stamps for the coasters at? How much were they?

    1. Lindsey, I bought these at Hobby Lobby back in December. In these pictures, the scrolly ones came in a set and the letters came in another set. I got lucky because the letters were on clearance. They usually can cost about $4-8 for a set. I always save my coupons for Hobby Lobby (they let me use the coupon online from my iphone,) Joann Fabric & Michaels to save some money. I hope this helps!

    2. Yes very much!!! Thanks : )

    3. Since you use permanent stamp ink, will it come off the stamps or will it stain them?
      Thanks for your great ideas.

    4. I use the clear stamps, and it wiped right off with a damp paper towel...but I did wipe it right away. I'm not sure if it would 30 mins later...

    5. Make sure you are using permanent ink, I used Stazon. To be honest, I think I waited about 5 minutes before I applied the Minwax since I usually do numerous sets at a time.

  10. What about using superglue on the magnets? Just so I wouldnt have to go buy something special. Thanks, T

    1. Tessa, I've never used superglue on the magnets. I'm not sure if it'll work when gluing the gem to the photo but I'm sure it'll work fine when you glue the magnet to it. Try it on just one to see if it works, some super glue can get brittle.

  11. Great poodle skirt! I make them (about 25 over the years), and when I do the elastic waist, I use 2" black elastic, and just lay it over the waist seam, and sew it down. Much easier, less bulky, and cuter too! Also, for the hole for the waist, the circumference should be no larger than the hip measurement of whoever it's made for.

  12. In regards to the tile coasters: What if I wanted to put something (wording) on the bottom (back)? Can I do that? Do I have to use the finishing wax? What does it do? Thanks!

    1. I think the permanent ink shouldn't come off. But if you are really wanting the stone to have a water barrier, so your table will not get wet from condensation, it needs to have a sealant. I'm not sure what you are wanting to do on the bottom but if you plan on putting the felt pads, make sure it doesn't have the wax or it wont stick.

  13. Love the coasters and am ready to try them out this weekend. My sister in-law is driving through town and these will make a perfect gift for her. Thank you so much!

  14. This is awesome! I love the coasters, and the poodle skirt gave me a great idea for my nieces Halloweeb costume. (: Keep up the good crafting!

  15. Love several of these projects, thanks for sharing!

  16. If you don't seal the coasters, wouldn't they then absorb the water dripping off of the glass, so that liquid won't run off of the coaster onto a table? With feet on the bottom, that allow an air layer so that the coaster isn't touching the table.

    Perhaps sealing the bottom of the tiles (leaving the corners not sealed so that the felt dots will stick) would keep the bottom dry and also the table??

    Just thinking out loud.

    1. Hmmm....I see what you're saying. That's something to experiment on. I like the way you think!

  17. Love the little gem pics. If you don't want to spend money for magnets, save the advertising magnets that often come tacked to the front of the yellow pages-- or the ones from pizza places, etc. They are thin and easy to cut with scissors. Then glue these onto anything that you want to make into a fridge magnet.

  18. I love your coasters! When you said that you added some more to the stamp design on your own, what did you use to do that? A sharpie?

    1. No, what I mean is that I used the same stamp over and over on the same coaster so it looks like I had one huge stamp...that's when the clear block comes in handy b/c you can see exactly where you are about to stamp.

  19. A note on the monogram coasters. Too cute btw. I was doing some christmasy ones and used a metallic ink as a shadow. The design looked great, but as soon as the wax touched the metallic ink it wiped right off while the solid ink stayed in place. Weird. I guess something with the metallic properties.

    1. That is weird...if it was permanent it should stay on one would think. I would take it back to the store unless you plan on using it on other projects. I'm sorry, sounds like it would have been really cute.

  20. Hello! For the photos on wood block, when you say print using a laser printer only, do you mean to print the photos on regular paper as opposed to photo paper?


    1. Hi Sarah and Anonymous...the photo must be printed not from an inkjet printer, but from a laser printer, like a copier machine. Laser printer uses toners (inkjet uses ink cartridges) and the toner is what lefts from this project. Also, use regular copier paper, don't use photo paper. I've also heard the cheaper the paper the better, don't use the heavy weight kind. Hope this helps!

  21. Hello,

    I was wondering the same question as Sarah...What type of paper is being used for the photos on the wood blocks?

    Thanks! :)

  22. What size were your magnets for the glass gem photo magnets? I didn't dig very deep, but so far I've found that there are 1"- and 1/2"-sized magnets. I was going to go with the 1/2" because they're much cheaper, but I don't know if they will be strong enough to hold the glass gem. I'm afraid to go with the 1" though, because since the glass gems are oval, I don't know what the smaller diameter of the gems is. I want to be sure that the gem will cover the entire magnet. I found the same gems you used on a craft website, so those will be the ones I will use. Just need some insight on the magnets. :) I thought yours maybe looked like the 1", but since I'm ordering these online, I'd rather be safe than sorry. It's hard to judge by a picture.

    Thanks so much for posting such an awesome idea. As long as mine turn out as nice as yours, I plan to make these for a lot of family members this year for Christmas gifts! :)

    1. Ashley, Thanks for your sweet comment. I just measured my magnets. They are actually 3/4 of an inch in diameter. The package say that they are Magnetic Buttons and I got them from Walmart if that helps but I've seen them in craft stores too. Have fun!

  23. Fabulous, thank you! And certainly easy enough to accomplish at Staples or Officemax. Can't wait!

  24. Love the coasters! Planning to make a few sets up for Christmas gifts...Did you find the Stazon permanent ink at Hobby Lobby as well?

    1. Yes, I did buy it at Hobby Lobby...probably with a 40% coupon if it wasn't on sale, ha!

  25. Do you know where I can find Staz-on ink besides at Hobby Lobby? I found it online but I want to give the coasters as a gift this weekend so I don't have time to get it delivered to my house. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I've seen them at Jo Ann Fabric and I think at Michael's too. Good luck!

  26. Your crafts are SO cute and please don't feel as if your instructions are to lengthy by any means! They are perfect! I love your font as well! I can't wait to try the photo on wood idea and the coasters! SO cute! Keep on crafting and posting! You rock! :)

    1. Ah...thank you so very much for your kind words! I'm glad it's helpful. I love to share these cool creations.

    2. Yolanda - I tried the photos on wood but my photo's must have been printed on the wrong paper. Had them done and Walgreens. You said they needed to be done by a laser printer. Did you mean laser paper? I aheared the photo and let it dry over night. Then I found the back of the photo was not permeable. so I found a way to rip off the glossy back to get to the paper. I continued with my rag wiping then the picture was covered in a non permeable film to... Project not working... So I am trying to find a laser paper printing company (IF That is what I Need) PLEASE ADVISE!!! THANKS

    3. Shelly, you can't use photo paper, it can't be an actual photo from Walgreens. So that the paper will rub off, use regular copier paper that one normally loads into their copier/printer. Make sure that the ink is not inkjet but from a laser printer like a copy machine but since I wanted mine in color, I went to a copy center like Staples or Office Depot. I'm sorry that there was confusion. Just make sure to have it printed on a copy machine on regular plain ol' paper, basically, even if you want it on color.

  27. Great Ideas! Cant wait to bring them to life in my own home. One question on the pictures to wood : What do you mean by mirroring the picture on the computer first? Also, Can you use regular wood from say Home Depot or Lowes? Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas! This is now a favorite on my home page!

    1. Christina, since you're actually transferring the image as oppose to just glue a photo onto it, the picture will come out reverse...kind of like a rubber stamp. Say if you have a beauty mark on your right check, it'll look like its on your left check. Its not that big deal to some people but if you have any sort of text on your photo and you DONT mirror it, it'll come out backwards.
      Also, you are able to use any wood as long as its wood and not particle board. Your comment made may day! Thanks and I hope they come out beautifully.

  28. I am what you call "craft-Challenged" but i have made both the coasters and photo magnets follwing your directions, they were both super easy, cheap and fun! I can't wait to try more things. Keep your ideas coming!

    1. Ramona, Thank you so much. I try to explain every little step. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  29. The mini clipboards are adorable. I would put 2 or 3 coats of Mod Podge over them to protect the paper from getting messed up. Other than that, they're really cute! Thanks for the idea!

    1. That's a good idea to seal it. Thanks Judy...I'll make sure to add that step.

  30. everyone is getting coasters for Christmas this year!

    1. LOL! That's exactly what I said! I just spent about $50-$60 for all of the supplies for the coasters... lol EVERYONE is getting them this year!!

  31. I really love the picture on the metal idea, but I can't find metal shingles anywhere. I looked at Lowe's and called Home Depot, where you said you found yours. The only thing they offer are sheets of metal and that is more then I am wanting to pay (I loved your price of 33 cents!) Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi, I bought a bunch at the Home Depot by my house in Grand Prairie, TX. They are sold in the aisle where they sell roofing supplies. These are Galvanized Shingles. They also sold in a roll for about $12 I think but the shingles were way more affordable for me. The way my Home Depot store was layed out, I had to go past the lumber area to get to the roofing supplies. They're not to big so you might overlook them.

    2. These metal shingles are known also known as "flashing". I asked about metal shingles in GA and the Home Depot guy looked at me kind of funny and pointed me in the direction of the metal roofing supplies, which did not include shingles. In wandering around, I found the section for flashing/weatherproofing (kind of by the gutter stuff). Here's the Home Depot Link:

      Hope this helps!

    3. Wow...Thanks Kathleen for the info! I'm sure it'll be helpful. I'll post the link on the tutorial. Thanks again.

  32. Will the photo transfer work with Foam Board?

    1. Ally, I'm not sure about the results on Foam Board...I wonder if it might get too soggy and wrinkle up a bit. Worth a try!

  33. Can you use mod podge photo transfer for the wood project? Or even regular mod podge if not what would you use exactly?

    1. Regular Mod Podge will not lift up the ink for transferring. The special Gel Medium is the secret ingredient for the transfer.

  34. Made your coaster project, but the ink isn't staying. Does your Stazon ink say "Solvent ink" on the package? What am I doing wrong? Thanks! ~Niki

    1. Hmmm... Did you wipe it down with a wet rag and let it dry before inking? It has to free from dust and dry before stamping it. My Stazon does say Solvent Ink. I have heard that certain colors, like the reddish color, do not stay on well.

  35. I went to Michael's to buy the gel medium and found like 30 options. What kind of gel medium is best for the wood/metal pic transfers?

    1. Erin, I bought the Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium.

    2. Thanks! I now can do some of the other projects!

  36. i'm new at this... what is the difference between the gel medium and mod podge?
    thank, roxan

    1. Roxan, Mod Podge is like a sealer. It can also give it a glossy look. The Gel Medium is what actually "lift" the ink off the paper and onto to the wood/metal.

    2. thank you very much for your reply, now it's time to get started!!

  37. thank you for the ideas! I am wprkibg on the photo on metal this weekend. How did u clean the metal to enusre there is no oily residue?

    Love your blog, btw!

    Thanks, Marisa

    1. Marisa, thanks! All I used was room temp water and my fingers. I didn't want anything too abraisive in case it would rub the image off. It does take a few times of rubbing to take it all off.

  38. I am wanting to make the magnetic photo gems.... Id like to print the pictures at home myself.... I am wondering if you can give me a best guess on the size the photo should be or the size of the gem?

  39. Great ideas and such clear step-by-step instructions...I can't wait to try some of them!

  40. I love all your ideas, I can't wait to try them!! Thanks for such clear directions!!:)

  41. love Love LOVE all of your ideas!! I am going to try the altered restaurant coasters and the AWESOME menu planner...LOVED EVERYTHING!! You have a new follower :) Keep creating goodness!!

  42. Love all these! I am going to try and do the pictures transfered onto wood but I want to give the wood a rustic feel by refurbishing it.....would the transfer still work if I tried to stain or paint the wood?

  43. where do you get the ink for the coasters?

  44. LOL...I answered my own question by reading the comments! I am going to Hobby Lobby this week! Thank you for the ideas and the great directions! I have added you to my favorites list!!!

  45. I was just reading your sticky note clipboard tutorial and I have a suggestion for you (forgive me if you already know this)... instead of using white glue (which can make your paper wrinkle) try rubber cement. Apply glue to both surfaces, allow them to dry and then stick together. I use rubber cement for all of my paper crafts, the stuff is amazing.

  46. I just started making the coasters for multiple holiday presents but wanted to know if the paste finishing wax will melt if a hot mug is placed on it? Should these coasters just be used for cold drinks?

    1. You hardly put any of the wax on. It only needs a super thin layer, just enough to penetrate. I've used them for my hot chocolate with no problem.

  47. Wow - thanks for the excellent tutorials and great ideas.

  48. question for the transferring pictures to wood... can the wood be painted or does it have to be pretty much untreated?? I wanted to paint my wood white before i transferred the images. Thanks.

    1. I haven't tried it on treated wood but I don't think it'll look right if it's a dark finish.

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I'm sorry Amy Jo...I meant to press Reply and not Delete. I'm not sure why it would be doing that. I made sure not to put too little but not too much. Could it be the paper?

  50. I'm not very crafty so your super detailed instructions are perfect for me! I am going to attempt the pictures on wood for a Christmas present. How did you get the ribbon on the back of the finished product? Did you just use glue or something else? Thanks for your help!

    1. Thanks! I used a hot glue gun for the ribbon.

  51. hi, what about putting pictures on tiles ? what do you think will you technic will work? thank you.
    I can see that all the comments from 2 years ago, but if you can answer it will be awesome .thanks

    1. I'm sure if your use a laser printer photo and the medium it'll show up on a tile. I would definitely seal it afterwards.

  52. Hi! Thank you SO much for the tips on the image transfer to metal! I'm framing two 11" x 14" pieces of sheet metal to make magnetic make-up boards for my teen daughter's room. She loves all things steampunk (Victorian meets sci-fy), and I found some really cool pictures along those lines that I'm going to transfer onto the metal sheets before framing them. I'll be sure to coat them several times with the gel medium, to protect the images from the magnets. Do you think 3-4 additional gel medium layers will be enough to protect the image? I need to still be able to use these as a magnetic surface.. Thanks again for the brilliant idea!

    1. The gel medium is just to transfer and I'm sure a few more coats will not hurt it but maybe spray a sealer on it to prevent it from scratching. I've seen some strong magnets at craft stores and I'm sure it will still have a strong hold. Cute idea btw!

  53. What is in the bottom envelope on your What's For Dinner craft?

    1. I have the little blue cards for my sides. This helps me tremendously when I'm making my shopping list so that I don't forget single food item for the week.