Thursday, March 13, 2014

Personalized Hand Sanitizers

Oh my gosh….aren't these cute!?!?!  
I'm thinking these personalized Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers are going to be my go-to gift idea for party favors, bridal showers, baby showers, Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Day…the list can go on and on. I just love when get gifts that are practical and useful. Check out my Craft Inspirations and DIY tab to see how it's done.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Storing your Boots!

Hello world!
OK…so I LOVE my knee high boots and I want them to appear new as long as possible. I tried rolled up newspaper but hated the sight of newspaper in my closet. Here's an inexpensive way to store them when not wearing them. Check out my Craft Inspirations and DIY for more instructions.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to Wrap a Letter with Scrapbook Paper

Alright...I got to admit, this idea I copied from a friend of mine. It's pretty easy bc you just patch up the letter with whatever cute scrapbook paper you want. Check it out in the Craft Inspirations tab.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shredded T-Shirt

So, I've been wanting to make a shredded t-shirt for a while that I see all the time at the gym, so I decided to make one for the first time ever and it was ridiculously easy. I think I can do my next one in less than 5 minutes! I loved this tapered look. Check it my how to in the Crafts tab above. It turned it so cute!!! Now I know what to do with those few extra t-shirts in my drawers.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Photo Tags for Christmas Gifts

Here's my reoccurring project that I've been doing for the past 4 years every Christmas. This is sooo cute and special. Trust me, the people receiving their gifts with their own photo on it LOVE IT!!! I'll be adding the instructions on how to make these hopefully by this weekend but the photos are in my Craft Inspirations and DIY tab. As you can tell from my blog, adding pictures on things makes it just so much better.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Puppy Love

She's such a sweet mommy....she's good about letting us near her.
I always said I wanted to have puppies but this was a great surprise! My mother-in-law lives outside of Fort Worth and has a good size amount of land. She noticed a stray and scrawny dog roaming around. It was extremely skinny and looked like she was starving. She's such a softy for dogs (she already has 3 dogs of her own that live inside the house,)  so she quickly asked EVERYONE if they would take her in...and of course no one wanted poor little Red (that's what they are calling her.) So after about a month of feeding her, we all noticed that she is gaining weight...quickly!!! We thought, wow, they are over feeding this hefty pup, hehehe. She has been hanging around the neighborhood for a few weeks when all of a sudden she went missing and my mother-in-law went looking for her. She found Red under their storage shed along with about 8 itty bitty puppies! (We can't count them since they're out of reach, there might be more!!!) So here they are...aren't they so cute! Now, we are needing help finding future owners. They should probably be good to go to a new owner in about 6-7 weeks from today. So please spread the word if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and contact me if you are interested or know someone who is.

Love them so much, but I need y'alls help!
Wayne had to pull me away from the shed...I didn't want to leave them.

Mommy Dog, she's very well behaved.

Friday, August 17, 2012

What!?!? Photos on Metal!

Ok, so I really wanted to justify buying a whole jar of Gel Medium after doing my Photos on Wood and I tried researching online what else to use it on. I found some tutorial for glass (which I might do later on down the road) and some more projects on wood. Well, that wasn’t different enough for me…so I decided to experiment...HA! Check out my Craft Inspirations and DIY tab to find out how to make it. BTW, the metal shingle only costed me 33 cents! It looks really cool.